Being There

Todays blog will be about actually being present in the moment you need to be. I find myself exhausted and torn between what needs to be focused on to what my mind thinks I need to focus on. Sleep is basically one thing I day dream about, or wish I would be able to just finish or continue into that last dream before I woke up. Two nights ago my dreams turned into meeting up with an old friend. She is not really fond of me but I was hesitant to talk with her again, but through the conversation I noticed it was the same memorable times. A turn of events into something far more positive than before, in the back of my mind I guess I was waiting for that remnants after the storm to pick up the pieces of what has lasted. One thing that we were doing within the dream was driving, it always seems that I am in motion or I am being projected into a time and place that is not my own, but I am to adapt as I see fit. I think thats what my dreams allow for me to see, it that I can only control the very few things in my life and that nothing is constant, but to encounter it and decide where to go from there.

Yesterday after a long day and given this new project of this here website on March 12th 2013. I had another dream, this time it focused on a friend and mentor of mine. The first task at hand though was to face the frightening task of security. Making sure I locked the door to the house, as in the dream an intruder was trying to break in, I shifted again this time I had to adapt to the motion of a car, which me and my sisters drove off in to find my friend/mentor. She was off and away at this distant small villa with animals that would surround the entire yard. As my sister got a phone call it was like the voice of the friend aired over everything like a public announcement or within just my head, this voice is what lead me to her.

Dreaming a dream does not always guarantee that you will find answers, sometimes they just reflect what you did in your day, or the thoughts that are on your subconscious mind. If it is one thing for me to do during my awaken and conscious state is be there, is be present, because in the back of my mind I am always lost within the abstract and very vivid fantasy world of my dream state that I don’t see very often.

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