Falling Leaves – Working After School

Hello All,

Well we are into the fall time now and I look back to think where did the year go. As I had seen students go back to school, and I stay to continue on with work and projects. I feel kinda sad and left out, but grateful to be home in the community and with my family. As all the things I had missed and events I had to turn down for the past 5 years I have been able to be apart of them once again.

I am currently placed within the Woodland Cultural Centre – Looking at the Mohawk Institute, Cultural museum of the First Nations People, crafts/ workshops, and educational programming.

Taking this time to organize my life once again and find those inspirational moments to motivate me and to filter into my work. There are new curiosities and experiments I want to venture into within the arts while utilizing different materials, I will update and post some more of the Work that is to come.

Thank you to all who have followed and supported me and my work.

Cathie Jamieson