Sounds of Ourselves

As we head into 2015.

Sounds of Ourselves – Take into consideration all your little quarks that are specific to you. Take the phrases you most often use. Take the laugh in which you use. Take the cry you can emit. Take the cough that takes your breath. Take that sigh when you have in a moment just given up. Take that inhale as confronting a challenge. Take that exhale when you quickly problem solve it. Take that giggle that hold you from bursting laughter. Take that hiccup that starts in your throat. Take that sneeze that comes out with its own character. Take that chattering of teeth when you are too cold. Take that small throat clearing you do before you talk or in between sentence ideas. Take that noise¬† you make when you are eating good food. Take that noise you make when you taste bad food. Take that murmur when you hit relaxation and comfort. Take that low growl / sigh when you are frustrated. Take that quick sniff of the air when you are overwhelmed. Take that long breath of your yawn. Take that odd sound of what ever follows the breath. Take all those pieces of yourself and you will understand the symphony you only make. ‘You are music to my ears’ takes on a new meaning. Your music is your sound, something that is personal to you. Now take that moment of silence to think about all your quarks and actually love the songs you make through the day.


C. Jamieson